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Volunteering on a marine conservation project on Gili Asahan is a transformative experience that combines adventure, education, and meaningful contributions to the planet. From underwater exploration and coral restoration to community engagement and personal growth, each aspect of the volunteer journey weaves together to create a tapestry of environmental stewardship.

Participants leave not only with a wealth of knowledge about marine conservation but also with a sense of purpose and a commitment to continue advocating for the well-being of our oceans. The impact extends far beyond the duration of the volunteer program, resonating in the lives of those who have been touched by the beauty and fragility of Gili Asahan's marine ecosystems.

Volunteers engage in up to 2 free conservation dives per day, exploring Gili Asahan's vibrant underwater world and restauring and protecting it's reefs. Education on marine restoration techniques enhances their understanding, empowering them to actively contribute to conservation efforts. You don't know how to dive? No problem, our in house dive school provides for dive courses for all levels. You do not want to dive? No problem, many observations can be done via snorkeling and there is so much to do on land as well.

Volunteers embarking on conservation efforts at Gili Asahan enjoy simple yet comfortable accommodations run 100% on solar energy. The island provides basic but cozy rooms with private bathroom, fostering a sense of community among participants. Shared living spaces promote camaraderie, allowing volunteers to bond over their shared commitment to marine preservation. The 3 times a day provided meals are a delightful blend of local flavors and sustainable options, ensuring that volunteers are well-fed and energized for their daily activities. This thoughtful combination of lodging and nourishment enhances the overall volunteer experience, creating a supportive environment for both the important work and the connections forged during this meaningful journey.

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How to Volunteer

You can book your volunteering experience with us per week(s) or per month.

Your contribution - that goes 100% (!) into the project and is necessary to cover all costs - is

500 Euro per week

1800 Euro per month

Including accomdoation in private room & bathroom, with fan & cold water shower,

up to 2 free conservation dives per day,

introduction to marine conservation techniques,

and a wonderful experience

The Experience

Volunteering on a marine conservation project on Gili Asahan in Indonesia is an immersive experience that goes beyond the picturesque landscapes and crystal-clear waters. It is a journey into the heart of marine preservation, where each volunteer becomes a vital part of the collective effort to safeguard the island's rich biodiversity and promote sustainable practices.


Arrival and Orientation

As volunteers arrive on Gili Asahan, they are greeted by the warm tropical breeze and the scent of saltwater. The orientation process is a crucial introduction, setting the stage for the days ahead. Participants learn about the island's delicate marine ecosystems, the challenges they face, and the role each volunteer will play in addressing these issues.

The marine conservation project typically involves a blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on activities. Workshops cover topics such as coral reef ecology, marine species identification, and the impact of human activities on the underwater environment. Volunteers gain insights into the intricacies of marine life, understanding the delicate balance that sustains this vibrant ecosystem.

Diving into Conservation Efforts

One of the highlights for volunteers is the opportunity to engage in underwater activities. Scuba diving becomes a tool for both exploration and conservation. Under the guidance of experienced marine biologists and instructors, volunteers embark on dives to survey and monitor coral reefs. Armed with identification guides and underwater slates, they document various species, noting changes in coral health, and collecting data crucial for ongoing research.


In addition to monitoring, volunteers actively participate in coral restoration projects. Coral reefs, often referred to as the rainforests of the sea, face numerous threats, including coral bleaching and damage from anchor drops. Volunteers contribute to the restoration process by cultivating and transplanting coral fragments in designated areas. This hands-on approach not only aids in the recovery of damaged reefs but also instills a profound sense of connection between the volunteers and the marine environment they are striving to protect.

Community Engagement and Education

Volunteering on Gili Asahan is not limited to activities beneath the waves. Volunteers play a pivotal role in engaging with the local community, fostering awareness, and promoting sustainable practices. Collaborating with island residents, schools, and businesses, volunteers organize workshops, presentations, and educational programs.

These initiatives are designed to instill a sense of environmental stewardship within the community. Topics range from waste management and recycling to the importance of responsible tourism. By actively involving locals in the conservation dialogue, volunteers contribute to the creation of a sustainable ecosystem where both the environment and the community thrive.


Conservation Challenges and Solutions

Volunteers also gain a firsthand understanding of the challenges faced by marine conservationists. Climate change, overfishing, and pollution are pervasive issues that require multifaceted solutions. Through discussions with experts and engagement in conservation efforts, volunteers become ambassadors for sustainable practices, equipped with the knowledge to advocate for change beyond their time on Gili Asahan.

Impact and Personal Growth

The impact of volunteering on a marine conservation project extends beyond the immediate environmental benefits. Volunteers often find themselves transformed by the experience, gaining a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of ecosystems and the significance of individual actions.

The sense of accomplishment derived from contributing to tangible conservation projects is profound. Whether witnessing the gradual regeneration of a coral reef or actively participating in community-driven initiatives, volunteers leave with a sense of pride, knowing they have made a meaningful difference.


Building Connections and Lifelong Memories

The bonds formed during volunteer experiences on Gili Asahan are enduring. Living and working alongside like-minded individuals creates a sense of camaraderie that transcends cultural and geographical boundaries. Shared tasks, whether it's conducting underwater surveys or collaborating on community projects, forge connections that often last a lifetime.

Beyond the work itself, volunteers have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture. Exploring the island's landscapes, savoring traditional cuisine, and engaging in cultural exchanges enrich the overall experience. These moments of connection and discovery contribute to a holistic understanding of the community and its symbiotic relationship with the marine environment.


Let's connect. Let's make a change together.

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