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Green Coral and Fish

Planting New Corals

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Research, Environmental Projects, Social Engagement

Coral Reef Restauration

Our main focuss lies on coral reef restauration, revieving coral reefs through coral transplants and protecting the existing reefs from any further damage.

Diving in the Reef

The impact of healthy coral reefs

Why are coral reefs so important?

Healthy coral reefs are among the most biologically diverse and economically valuable ecosystems on earth, providing valuable and vital ecosystem services. Coral ecosystems – besides beeing atonishingly beautiful – are a source of food for millions; protect coastlines from storms and erosion; provide habitat, spawning and nursery grounds for all kinds of fish and other aquatic species; provide jobs and income to local economies from fishing, recreation, and tourism; are a source of new medicines, are hotspots of marine biodiversity and play a huge role in the health of the global enviroment.

Marine Biologist

The process of transplanting corals

The process of transplanting corals is actually pretty simple. First step is to find or create a foundation for the corals to grow on. Artificial reefs are typically made from concrete or steel and provide a sturdy base for the corals to settle and grow. They also provide shelter for reef-associated fish and invertebrates, which are crucial for the development of a healthy reef ecosystem, since these fish feed on invasive algae that compete with corals for light and space. The next thing to do is to save some coral. Using scuba equipment and qualified divers we search the coral reefs for broken coral that has been broken usually naturally by stormy weather and big waves and would otherwise die. We collect these coral fragments very carfully then transport them to their new home. Using epoxy or cable ties we attach the corals firmly to the artificial reef structure, normally close to other corals of the same species so they will eventually grow comfotably in to a new reef and home for all the amazing marine life.

Our success

Over the past 10 years there have been many successful coral projects all around the local area and we have seen an unbelievable change not just to the coral numbers but also to the marine life! One of the most successfull projects were 80 frames with each up to 40 coral fragments that were planted 2017 in front of Oceanway & Pearl Beach Resort Gili Asahan and which are now full of growing corals and marine life.

Other Projects

Research, Environmental Projects, Social Engagement

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